BGLC Project Diary: Project Kick-Off

The Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Commission of Jamaica (BGLC) is implementing a ‘Powered by POSSE’ solution to automate the regulatory and control processes required for betting, gaming, and lottery operations within a comprehensive new enterprise Gaming Management Information System (GMIS).

In this ongoing blog series, we’ll explore BGLC’s project journey from initial kick-off to go-live to see firsthand how the implementation of this new system will impact the people, plans, and processes for this forward-focused gaming agency.

Kicking Off

In October of 2022, key stakeholders from BGLC and Computronix met in Kingston, Jamaica, for initial kick-off meetings to formally begin the project. Over 40+ years of successful product implementations, the technology experts at Computronix have found that a vital element in any successful project is the early establishment of a strong team spirit built on a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect.

With that in goal in mind, this initial kick-off went exactly as hoped with project leaders from both organizations enjoying the opportunity to meet face-to-face for the first time to communicate and coordinate on a common vision, while simultaneously taking concrete steps to build the initial momentum required to hit the ground running with this multi-faceted enterprise-wide implementation.

For many of BGLC’s project team, particularly those not privy to earlier product demos, this process began in earnest with their first exposure to an initial functional prototype system based on Computronix’s ground breaking experience at the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), a recent winner of the 2022 Award for Regulatory Excellence from the International Association of Gaming Regulators. BGLC branded and brimming with the deep feature set of a comprehensive COTS solution, this prototype system walkthrough provided BGLC’s key stakeholders with an immersive ‘sneak peek’ of the user experience and workflow automation that arrives off the shelf with their new POSSE system. Within this framework, project stakeholders could immediately see system functionality based on industry best practices that meets the bulk of their internal requirements, while simultaneously envisioning opportunities for new organizational efficiencies and process streamlining.

Two teams coming together.

Seeing is Believing

This instant immersion within a fully functioning system prototype has proven time and again to be a highly effective project kick-off tactic—creating immediate excitement with agency stakeholders who are able to fully visualize the anticipated functional components of their new system as well as the transformative impacts it will have on their day-to-day productivity.


In full candor, it is not uncommon for a handful of agency stakeholders (particularly those not involved in the initial system and vendor evaluations) to arrive at a project starting line unconvinced that an off-the-shelf system can meet the bulk of their ‘unique’ business requirements without extensive modification. For those for whom ‘seeing is believing,’ this process is similarly inspiring with the prototype system walkthrough proving to be a galvanizing experience. Seeing a product solution that confirms the extent to which these common regulatory and gaming control processes are now integrated as industry standard best practices is truly an eye-opening experience for all involved.


With all partners to the enterprise now fully engaged, the Change Management experts at Computronix were on a solid foundation to begin their work face-to-face. Already project fluent via a detailed process of organizational assessment, business analysis, and requirements evaluation, our experienced Change Management experts were now able to start in earnest the two-way knowledge transfer that commenced at project kick-off and grows in depth and understanding until the new system goes live. As these discussions progressed from initial meeting and relationship building on Day 1 of the project kick-off into early fit/gap analysis on Day 2, all parties were reaching a consensus understanding that the initial homework had been done, that the project requirements were fully communicated, and of equal importance, that the necessary IT infrastructure had been fully evaluated and the desired direction going forward was fully understood and agreed.

Watching POSSE in action.

Process Consolidation

Consistent with other gaming agencies planning similar system implementations, BGLC’s business leaders anticipate leveraging the enterprise capabilities of their new GMIS system to effectively consolidate three departments (BGLCCasino Gaming CommissionJamaica Racing Commission) within a single, fully integrated regulatory and gaming control system. As both a mature off-the-shelf product and a powerful development platform, the new GMIS system will equip each of these vital channels to service the needs of their existing product portfolios whilst simultaneously affording them the capabilities to quickly add new licensing and compliance workflows as new wagering offerings and revenue streams emerge.

With this organizational transformation in mind, key stakeholders like Cleveland AllenCEO of the Casino Gaming Commission, were on hand to see the award-winning functionality of the AGCO system configuration in action and discuss with product experts the transformation specifics anticipated across the broader enterprise. Instrumental to the GMIS Project is the vision of Carole Martinez-Johnson, Director of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), fully supported by BGLC Executive Director Vitus Evans. As BGLC’s internal systems champion and guiding light, Carole was a dynamic force in these initial kick-off meetings, leading the charge for an extremely welcoming and highly professional Jamaican project team keen to connect and collaborate with their new technology partners from Computronix.

As the final day of kick-off meetings commenced in sunny Kingston, everyone was energized and encouraged to see that our initial efforts at information sharing were already translating into concrete actions and project progress with initial fit/gap analysis work already underway. With face-to-face meetings affording an opportunity for detailed consultation, both parties were also able to discuss the all-important topic of cybersecurity and the potential deployment options for BGLC to ensure the protection of vital data in a cost effective and sustainable environment.

Wrapping Up

As Computronix staffers dined on tasty Jamaican delicacies provided by our welcoming hosts at the BGLC and continued introductions led to new connections, it was becoming clear that all of our kick-off participants were fully engaged and excited about their new POSSE system and the future prospects for the agency with this dynamic new technology in house. Seeing an award-winning system in action had not only confirmed the sense that not only was such innovation possible, it was extremely achievable via the versality of a mature COTS solution purpose built for this very endeavor. In fact, work was already underway to clearly define the unique agency requirements that would require further system configuration. Given the significant progress made in a scant three days, the Project Kick-Off had certainly met its key objectives. Now the time had come for everyone to roll up their sleeves and move to the next stage in the process.

Casual conversation creates connection.



In our next installment, the Project Management Plan becomes the guidepost for all involved with initial configuration, installation, and orientation tasks progressing to put core POSSE infrastructure in place.