Land Management System

Land Management Should be Easy and Efficient

With our POSSE LMS solution, you can easily automate workflows associated with building, planning, engineering, permitting, inspections, code enforcement, and other land management activities. This browser-based product will simplify workflows for your internal staff, external agencies, contractors, and citizens.

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POSSE LMS's Planning module links together all the pieces of planning projects (e.g., a large development project), so your planners can assess, evaluate, record, and retrieve all related information effectively.

GIS integration connects planning activities on a map

Record conditions on planning reviews, identify outstanding conditions, and track when conditions are met

Citizens can submit applications easier than ever with the online portal

Automate the review process with external agencies

Permitting & Inspections

The Permitting and Inspections module tracks all your permitting and inspection activity, from initial application to completion, renewal, or expiration.

Vast library of pre-configured permit types to meet your business needs

Email notifications sent based on specific triggers, such as impending inspections and license expiration dates

Customer self-service provides expedited permit application, inspection request and scheduling, and review of inspection results

Mobile capability supports inspectors in the field

Business & Contractor Licensing

Business and Contractor Licensing handles all licensing needs for your jurisdiction, including application, amendment, enforcement, and renewal activities.

Simple online interface for licensees to determine they have all required information to get licensed

Automatic routing of the license application to all required departments in order to complete review and approval

Ability to create virtually unlimited license types

Code Enforcement

The POSSE LMS Code Enforcement module allows agencies to investigate, review, and issue compliance actions from initial determination of violation to proceedings and final outcomes. Our case management workflow enables your agency to efficiently manage all aspects of a code enforcement activity including initiation, investigating, tracking, and closing cases.

Comprehensive customer portal provides easy online complaints submission capability for your citizens

Link all relevant documents to a case, so you can see all the information you need in one place

Mobile app allows inspectors to work efficiently in the field

Electronic Plan Review

The POSSE ePlans module is a cutting-edge plan review solution that allows planners to review, markup, and compare changes between plan versions.

Markup plans using text, images, shapes, or freehand sketching.

Support for parallel reviews, so multiple people can review the same document at the same time, without worrying about any overlap or loss of data.

Side by side and overlay compare, which allows for a simple way to comprehensively review changes between plan versions.

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