POSSE – Mobile



  • Available on all smartphones, tablets, and other browser-based mobile devices
  • Synced To-Do List (by date and by distance for inspection)
  • Use Quick Search Functionality to find important information in the POSSE database
  • Detail view and completion tasks, including checklists and deficiencies
  • Import clauses/conditions from a list as part of deficiencies
  • Attach photos in the field
  • Speech-to-text conversion, so mobile workers can dictate results into the mobile app

Mobile Access to Critical Data

POSSE Mobile provides field workers with access to critical data, allowing them to work efficiently while away from the office. POSSE Mobile seamlessly manages background network connections while the inspector works in the field. Your inspectors can continue working while network connectivity is lost, assured that POSSE Mobile is capturing and storing all their information and connecting with the main database whenever wireless connectivity is available. Inspections results are instantly available to other internal staff users, contractors, and developers.

Work Efficiently from The Field

New inspections can be initiated and follow-up inspections can be scheduled immediately in the field. Your inspectors can also email inspections results and print from their devices. If connected to the Internet, inspectors can use embedded links to search the main POSSE database.

Integrated voice recognition allows inspectors to verbally record inspections notes with automatic transcription. Efficient pre-configured tabs within the application can provide an inspector – regardless of discipline – with agency-specific, point-and-touch deficiency checklists, related job details (including relevant permit or license documents, electronic plans, important conditions, and warnings), and the ability to capture and add photos.

Leverage The Power of Your Device

POSSE Mobile’s responsive design works on all popular smartphone and tablet platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry) and uses your native smartphone functions such as camera, GPS, and maps (for route optimization and “street view” imaging when required).

Easily Manage POSSE Mobile

The POSSE Mobile application is administered from the centralized point-and-click POSSE Administration subsystem, making it adaptable for virtually any inspections group within your organization, including building, trade, code/bylaw compliance, business licensing enforcement, and more.