eplans approved

POSSE ePlans Highlights

We’re very excited to launch our new ePlans module this summer, and we look forward to the first customers going live with it later this year! The POSSE ePlans module was first announced at C3 2016, and will be presented in further detail at this year’s C3. But if you’re just looking for an immediate, quick overview of what you can expect to receive when you implement POSSE ePlans, we’ve got you covered for that right here!

Plan Reviewer Tools

Reviewing plans is easier than ever with the industry-leading Brava! viewer, which is at the core of the POSSE ePlans module. It allows you to review, markup, and compare plans, all within POSSE. This means that you don’t have to launch a separate application to use ePlans, and any comments or edits you make will be viewable in the related POSSE job. As well, reviewers will benefit from features such as:

  • Support for over 200 document formats that you can review and markup (including native CAD files).
  • A fully customizable library of standard comments.
  • The ability to ‘stamp’ documents in batches for mass approval.
  • Standard annotation and drawing tools, such as text (with a variety of options for fonts and colours), images, shapes, and freehand sketching.
  • Full measurement toolset.
  • Side by side and overlay compare, which allows for a simple way to comprehensively review changes between plan versions.
  • Support for parallel reviews, so multiple people can review the same document at the same time, without worrying about any overlap or loss of data.
  • Documents are sorted by category and displayed to enable efficient browsing and review.
  • A list of available, viewed, marked up and completed documents is available. Markups and corrections are easy to add, view, copy, and compare with previous versions.
  • Any plan markups are automatically extracted into the associated plan review workflow in POSSE, allowing them to be easily referenced and reported against.


Customer Tools

The ePlans module also includes a number of features that will empower and inform builders, contractors, and other citizens involved in the planning process. These include:

  • Bulk file upload: Citizens can upload a group of documents that will be automatically categorized based on file naming conventions.
  • Ability to upload document revisions: At key points in the review cycle, revised documents can be submitted and will be automatically categorized as new versions. As well, supplemental documents can be uploaded at any time as long as the job is still open.
  • View required changes in summary list by document: Customers can view the changes that the reviewer has required, changes can be exported to Excel if desired, and corrections can be responded to online.
  • View application documents: All customer uploaded documents can be viewed in a clearly organized system, and marked up documents can be downloaded to view revisions.

We hope you’ll make the choice to implement POSSE ePlans and improve your agency’s planning ability! Please contact your Account Manager for more information.