POSSE – Dashboard



  • Provides a quick visual overview of your organization’s performance through pre-defined gauge, graph, and chart types
  • Drill-down capability from your graphs into the source data
  • Point-and-click setup of charts against your POSSE Reporting data warehouse
  • Full end-user configurability — add any number of additional charts and drill-downs based on user-defined data sets
  • Integrated with POSSE role-based security, which restricts report views to selected groups
  • Accessible via browser on any Web-enabled device

Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

POSSE Dashboard is an agile, browser-based business intelligence tool that puts the power of real-time performance analysis in the hands of your staff and managers. POSSE Dashboard lets you instantly track and measure specific key performance indicators, as well as overall performance for multiple business groups. You can compare productivity and performance against previous time frames and create “early warning” indicators to help steer your agency away from problems before they occur.

Gather Real Insight into Operational Efficiency

POSSE Dashboard lets you identify bottlenecks, confidently find areas for improvement, and see how your organization is performing in completing business processes. You can track intake rates and service delivery rates to understand new trends and changes in your day-to-day operations, see where activity is happening, and understand the data behind the results quickly.

Visual Data Display

Dynamic gauges, dials, bar graphs, and pie charts allow you to see how your business is running, from the high-level to the minute details. You can display results for an entire business unit, POSSE access group, or individual user. Non-technical users can easily edit or clone existing gauges, define drill-down levels, or create entirely new visualizations using a variety of display options and data sources. You can also incorporate dashboard charts and gauges into customer portals.

Get the Whole Picture

POSSE Dashboard can consolidate data from POSSE and non-POSSE systems to create a single access point to for all mission-critical data. POSSE Dashboard reports can be run on browser compliant mobile devices . Results can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.