POSSE – Ad Hoc Reporting



  • 100% browser-based, point-and-click report design environment lets your staff access reports easily
  • Run reports on desktops and mobile devices, and see your reports at any time, from anywhere
  • Create clean, attractive 3D charts, flexible grids, and visual groupings to easily see your data
  • Easily form data into tables, reports, charts, pivots, and gauges
  • Flexible and dynamic smart filters — streamline your reports and make them work for you
  • Interactive linking and drill-down supported, so you can dive into your data
  • Share reports through email
  • Enterprise license (unlimited internal users, unlimited reports)

Empower Business Users

With POSSE Ad-Hoc Reporting, building reports is intuitive and easy. Simple report customization which used to take days to implement now take minutes from a web browser anywhere in the world, with no client-side software required. The POSSE Ad-Hoc point-and-click report design environment is intended for the standard business user, allowing IT staff to focus on more complex support issues.

Instantly See What You Need to See

POSSE Ad-Hoc Reporting gives you direct access to your database and lets you transform raw data into useful, readily understood information. POSSE Ad-Hoc understands the ‘shape’ of your data and automatically guides the user as to what kinds of data can be linked together to produce the desired report.

POSSE Ad-Hoc enables you to create summaries, subtotals, calculations, and formats, employing flexible and dynamic smart filters to get the information you really need to make informed decisions. Interactive linking and drill-down allow smooth navigation through your information.

Customize Your Reports

The Report Viewer lets you easily modify a previously created report or save a variation of the report. The WYSIWYG interface lets you make changes on the fly with ease. You can create engaging 3D charts, flexible grids, and visual groupings, and format your data into tables, reports, charts, pivots, and gauges. You can also print and email reports, or export them to popular file formats such as Word, Excel, or PDF.

Technical Requirements

For POSSE systems, the Ad-Hoc Reporting add-on is used against the POSSE Reporting Data warehouse. (Its use is not limited to the data warehouse, however.) Purchase and implementation of the POSSE data warehouse is also recommended.