POSSE 7.2.1 Release Highlights

For the past several months, the POSSE Product Team has been hard at work on the latest version of our POSSE software – 7.2.1! Computronix is excited to have it  available for upgrade to our clients, and we encourage them to do so, as this version contains a variety of features that make the software easier to use while further improving the overall performance and security. Please submit a software request to the POSSE Support Desk to receive further instructions for receipt of the new release.

To give our clients an overview of some of the modifications and improvements that have been made, we’ve included a summary, as well as highlighting some of the major improvements.



  • We’ve added a search menu that will allow users to save searches and recall past searches, as well as speed up the search process. Saving criteria as a named search makes searching much more efficient and provides a quick ad-hoc reporting mechanism.
  • Overall search performance has been improved.
  • It is easier to see which fields are editable and more obvious when a field needs to be filled out.
  • The new “Hybrid” edit type for grids will allow users to make changes either inline or in a pop-up.
  • A variety of other ease-of-use, design, and performance improvements have been made to enhance the user experience. For example:
    • The order of process outcomes can be customized to reflect the sequence of the workflow
    • The keyboard can be used to activate expand/collapse buttons
    • Ctrl+Shift+Click will open some presentations in a new tab or browser window
    • When the system is busy, the user is prevented from triggering multiple clicks on the same action

Stage & Marshal:

  • Major performance benefits for configuration deletions and large Marshal installs.
  • Winchester drop-down menu items can be ordered in Stage.
  • Stage Help includes tips for tuning the performance of searches.
  • The POSSE client server system can be removed from Stage once configuration has been migrated to Winchester and XtraReports.

Keeping Current:

  • Support for Windows 10
  • Support for Microsoft Edge has been added.
  • Security for users and passwords has been upgraded to reflect industry trends.

Computronix is confident that these improvements will create an even better user experience for our clients. We encourage all clients to upgrade to POSSE 7.2.1, so that they can benefit from these new features and better performance. Full release notes are available on our POSSE Support website, or can be requested from your Account Manager.