Permitting System Procurement Primer

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Established in 1979, Computronix has several decades of experience in leading successful business technology modernizations, including local government Community Development and IT-related initiatives as a result of legislation as such as SB 5290. Successful modernizations are a three-legged pillar (effectively involving people, policy/process, and technology). We are pleased to offer a wealth of knowledge (see below) to WA State local government regulatory organizations contemplating a significant change management project and/or business technology shift as a result of their response to SB 5290.

WA Senate Bill SB-5290 Announcements

Fast-Tracking The Permitting Process

POSSE PLS - Permitting & Licensing

System Overview


Government agencies need a simple, streamlined solution for processing land permits, scheduling building and land inspections, enforcing code requirements, and licensing businesses in their jurisdictions. POSSE PLS is a Commercial Off-theShelf (COTS) product that also allows additional configuration capabilities – meeting your agency’s needs with powerful, pre-configured workflows. POSSE PLS makes the lives of your staff and citizens easier and more efficient.

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Permitting System Best Practices

What does an intuitive, familiar feeling interface look like from an end user’s perspective? What does an easy-to-build customer portal look like from a page designer’s perspective?

Where the latest technology innovations are leading us and their eventual adaptation within your ‘Powered by POSSE’ Solutions.

A brief look at our unique High Fit/Hand-On approach, an approach that equips government agencies to shorten project timescales AND lower implementation costs.

A COTS+ solution works elegantly to maintain project/cost efficiency throughout its lifecycle, avoiding the precipitous spike of traditional COTS solutions lacking underlying configuration flexibility.

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