LMS – Planning

  • GIS Integration connects planning activities on a map, giving planners a real-world picture
  • Manage bonds and escrows, saving time when they are approved and released
  • Sophisticated ability to automatically generate notifications to property owners of upcoming activities in their area
  • Powerful eReferral capability expedites the referral process and instantly captures and manages
  • Input from all stakeholders

Keep Your Information Organized

Land use applications are complex, requiring extensive management of plans, documents, permits, and other related elements. POSSE LMS allows the creation of projects which link together all facets of a planning engagement (e.g., a large development project), so your planners can assess, evaluate, record, and retrieve all related information effectively.

Manage Your Conditions

Conditions arise during planning reviews, and these need to be managed effectively. POSSE LMS Planning gives you integrated conditions management functionality, so conditions can be established and applicants made aware of each condition that needs to be met before moving to the next phase in the application. This allows your staff to easily record new conditions, identify outstanding conditions, and track when conditions are met.

Manage Your Planning Processes

The POSSE LMS Planning module automates and manages the processes in your planning department. With a comprehensive public portal for application submission, both your staff and the public you serve work together in this fully integrated system, which delivers the most effective means of tracking planning, public hearing, and outcome and decision-making activities.

Notify Your Community

Designed to meet the needs of planning applicants and the community as a whole, POSSE LMS Planning can notify surrounding property owners of any relevant activity. The “buffered notification” process uses the power of GIS to automatically identify surrounding parcels within a user-defined range and create automated mail-outs for all property owners.

Save Time with Approvals

Through the POSSE LMS Planning module’s powerful eReferral functionality, your agency can streamline the referral process by engaging with other departments and external agencies electronically. Reviewers have the ability to view, modify, or comment on the referral packet, with all changes instantly captured in the system. Your agency and external agencies can make better and more efficient decisions.