LMS – Code Enforcement

  • Comprehensive customer portal provides easy online complaints submission capability for your citizens
  • GIS integration allows citizens to locate complaints on a map. Staff can collate multiple complaints within a map view
  • Mobile app allows your inspectors to maximize productivity, as all inspection activities can be performed directly in the field
  • Configurable business workflow enables the system to be easily tuned to your specific bylaws and ordinances

Manage Cases from Start to Finish

Our POSSE LMS Code Enforcement module allows agencies to investigate, review, and issue compliance actions from initial determination of violation to proceedings and final outcomes. Our case management workflow, built on industry best practices, enables your agency to efficiently manage all aspects of a code enforcement activity including initiation, investigating, tracking, and closing cases.

Empower your Citizens

If one of your citizens sees a concern in their neighborhood (e.g., property conditions, noise), POSSE LMS makes it easy to submit a complaint. The POSSE LMS public site guides users step-by-step through a complaint submittal process, including the ability to submit a complaint anonymously, if preferred.

Review Complaints on a Map

With the power of GIS integration, your staff can look at the exact location of the complaint on a map and determine if there are connected complaints nearby. Depending on what they see, they can link multiple complaints to an existing case file or create a new case. From there, an investigation into a case can begin, with all relevant complaints attached.

Mobile Capability for Your Inspectors

While handling a case, your inspectors can use the POSSE Mobile app in the field to handle all inspection-related activities. This includes adding notes or documents (e.g., photos) to a case file, reporting violations, configuring a notice to be generated and sent to the connected address, and customizing the notice as necessary.

Robust Data Tracking

POSSE LMS Code Enforcement tracks all of your case data so that you can create reports – graphs, charts, gauges, tabular reports — that give a comprehensive view of all code enforcement activity. This context allows your agency to perform predictive analysis on trends from your reports — resulting in time and cost savings for your organization.

Keep Legal Matters Connected

Our POSSE LMS Code Enforcement module enables you to manage all stages of an enforcement process, including potential legal proceedings. You can create orders, connect defendants to a case, track proceedings, and keep all enforcement information related to the case in one place.