Interview With Luke Ogg, Product Owner - Computronix

Interview With Luke Ogg, Product Owner

For our Computronix employee interviews, we sit down with people from all levels of our company and ask them about their jobs, and what it’s like working for Computronix.

One of the most unique positions at Computronix is that of the product owners. There are only two product owners in the company, and Luke Ogg is one of them. Specifically, he is the POSSE Land Management System (POSSE LMS) Product Owner, and he describes himself as being constantly “deep in the next release of LMS.” His role consists of constantly trying to improve the product, and evaluating the many ideas for LMS to see which ones are the best fit for the product, and will ultimately best serve Computronix’s customers.

A big part of his job, and a part that he loves, is finding solutions and solving problems. “Every day we get to solve problems,” he says. However, he says is that his favorite part of the job is actually when he is able to help people. He talks about the “lightbulb moment,” when he’s on-site with a client and there’s a realization of how POSSE LMS can make their job easier.

He enjoys working with the team and Computronix, praising them as “genuine and caring” people who make it a great atmosphere to be part of. Not only that, but in his opinion, they’re brilliant, saying “I’ve seen problems solved and solutions created at Computronix that are both award winning and amazing.” He praises the POSSE software and is proud to be part of the team that improves it.

Even though he’s no longer on the “front lines,” so to speak, as a developer writing code directly for clients, his job is still an integral part of providing a better experience for Computronix clients. “Better software is going to equal better service, because it’s easier for our team to implement.” And in Luke’s opinion, serving clients well is the most important thing Computronix can do.