How to Keep Your Online Data Safe

Security is a huge concern for all companies, but perhaps never more so than in our current digital age. News stories come out regularly about all kinds of websites being hacked, from the Twitter accounts of large companies, to information being stolen from governments, such as in the states of Washington and South Carolina in recent years, and even the US Office of Personnel Management in 2015. Even the 2016 U.S. presidential election was plagued by hacking scandals, with some intelligence agencies claiming that Russia was involved. And that doesn’t even touch on the various other digital security risks, like viruses or worms.


Obviously, given the sensitive nature of many aspects of their operations, governments need to ensure that their data is secure. One way to do that is to ensure that your software has built-in security measures to prevent viruses and make hacking nearly impossible. To verify that the software vendor has taken such precautions, government agencies should specifically check to see what specific measures the vendor has in place to prevent common security flaws.


The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has compiled a comprehensive list of the top ten security flaws that all businesses should protect themselves against. When choosing a software vendor, this list is an excellent tool that can be used to verify the vendor’s level of security.


Computronix, for example, has written a whitepaper on the OWASP list, detailing our efforts to specifically prevent each of the listed security flaws from affecting our products, and thus, our clients. We are constantly updating and refining our software to take the latest security concerns into account and ensure that we are ahead of any potential attacks.


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