ABC – Licensing

  • Fully configurable license workflow, with an unlimited amount of license types, so you can support any types of licenses your agency monitors
  • Interconnected with the POSSE ABC Enforcement module, enabling seamless connection to related inspections activities
  • Automated, template-based communications with license holders save your agency time and money
  • Interfaces with payment solutions and background check solutions to support all license-related activity
  • Reporting, including robust searches with export to Excel capability, dashboard style reports and ad-hoc reports, is available straight from the main interface – no need for a separate reporting solution

Make License Processing Easy

POSSE ABC Licensing serves as a one-stop management solution for all license-related activity for your agency. The module supports an unlimited amount of license types, based on your business rules.

An Efficient Workflow Solution

POSSE ABC Licensing tracks the license through the entire lifecycle, from application intake to approval. The system’s powerful, configurable workflow guides the license to the appropriate parties, such as clerks or inspectors, to push the license through necessary processes for both new and transfer applications.

Complete License Management

Each license record includes all license history, current license status (active, expired, closed, suspended, revoked), license holder information and history (including corporate ownership details to any level, for background check purposes), locations related to the license or licensees, and other connected information. The relational nature of POSSE gives your agency a holistic picture of all interconnections between the people and properties in your purview.

Empower Your Manufacturers

POSSE ABC Licensing makes license management easy for manufacturers as well. Through the public website, they can submit brands for registration, determine which distributors are permitted to sell their brands, and keep on top of all necessary license submittals and renewals.

Proactive Renewal Processes

The module alerts your agency workers in advance that licenses are about to expire. Your staff can automatically generate template-based email or letter notices to license holders when it’s time for license renewal, with instructions on how to renew via the public website – streamlining the process for both licensees and your agency.

Collect Fees and Penalties

POSSE ABC Licensing interfaces with your payment solution to collect any required fees, including basic license fees, late penalties, or any other required financial transactions.