ABC – Enforcement

  • Complete access to licensing information, so your enforcement agents know about the businesses, related licenses, and the conditions on those licenses
  • Unlimited inspection types with configurable checklists, allowing inspections by license type
  • Immediate impact on license records resulting from case and hearing decisions, such as license revocation, suspension, or monetary penalties
  • Full display of all enforcement activities, including complaints, inspections, and cases from a license record
  • Mobile solution empowers your enforcement agents in the field

Keep Businesses Compliant

POSSE ABC provides an integrated solution for compliance enforcement activities relevant to licensed and unlicensed establishments.

The POSSE ABC Enforcement module is tightly coupled with the POSSE ABC Licensing module, so all activities and information relating to a licensee or establishment (such as floor plans, license conditions, history) are linked within the system and available to all enforcement staff.

Manage Your Workflow

Our case management workflow, built on industry best practices, allows your agency to investigate, track, and close cases.

  • The Complaint Tracking workflow allows citizens to optionally sign on and submit complaint information. Users can specify the location and type of complaint and submit to your agency.
  • The Case Tracking workflow allows your agency to assign enforcement and legal staff to compile evidence into a case against a License or Licensee. You can associate multiple inspections/investigations to a case file and initiate follow-ups. Decisions are recorded and carried out against a License or Licensee, including Dismissal, Letter of Warning, Penalties, Suspension and Revocation.
  • The Hearings and Appeals workflow allows cases to be queued up for hearings. The cases can be reviewed or appealed to an ABC board or committee or to an external agency. Decisions relating to the licensee are recorded in the workflow.

Track Your Inspections and Investigations

POSSE ABC supports an unlimited number of inspection types. Agencies can schedule inspections through ad -hoc creation of inspections and system generated “routine” inspections, based on a configurable schedule and your business rules. Through the POSSE Mobile app, inspectors can perform and record inspections directly from the field. Letters and Correspondence can be generated by the System using pre-defined templates, and the calculation of fines and/or penalties is fully supported.