ABC – Education

  • Manage course offerings
  • Simple online registration process for course attendees
  • Automated updating of licensee records when trainers update course attendance and exam records
  • Secure data with anti-fraud measures in place

Comprehensive Education Solution

The POSSE ABC Education module provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing all aspects of your agency’s education activities. The Education module lets your agency set and monitor course syllabi, establish and maintain training schedules, and administer student rosters to ensure that servers, establishment managers, and licensees are meeting their education requirements.

Easy Course Management

System Administrators can manage the list of course types and track which instructors, (either agency staff or third-party trainers) are authorized to provide course offerings. Authorized trainers can add and maintain the list of course offerings including scheduling, setting course location and descriptions, and registering students. Trainers are responsible for recording the attendance and exam outcome, if applicable, for all students attending a course.

Online Registration

Servers interested in attending a course can register via the POSSE ABC public portal, identifying the date and location for the class of interest. Licensees also have online access to manage the staff roster for who is currently employed at each licensed location, which links to student records identifying current completed courses for each student.

Keep Information Secure

The POSSE ABC Education module provides industry-leading security to ensure that server information can only be accessed by licensees who have several pieces of identifying information, preventing fraud and information leaks. Servers are able to check only their personal records and ensure that the data is current and accurate.