ABC – Brand Registration

  • Brand owners can apply and renew registrations online
  • Easy image upload connects labels to brand
  • Accessible by inspectors for brand validation
  • Fully integrated with the rest of POSSE ABC solution

Automate Brand Registration Process

The POSSE ABC Brand Registration module provides your agency with a full solution for automating all aspects of the brand registration process. The module enables brand owners, or their authorized agents, to submit applications to register their products for multiple classifications, including wine, beer, and distilled spirits. For every brand or product, licensees can upload image files representative of the actual label being registered with your agency as well as specific vintages (if applicable).

Management of Distributors

Brand owners or their authorized agents can authorize any distributors within your jurisdiction for their registered brands. Changes to authorized distributors are supported through amendment applications.

Online Renewals

Brand owners can renew their registrations easily and effectively. The POSSE ABC Brand Registration module supports monthly notifications to the brand owners (or authorized agents) indicating which of their brands are about to expire. Renewal is accomplished easily via the POSSE ABC public portal.

Empower Inspectors

Inspectors can access the database of registered brands anytime they are online, allowing them to check any unfamiliar brands that are encountered during an inspection, to ensure that they have been registered.