Computronix Announces Winners of 2017 POSSE Innovation Awards

Edmonton, AB – Computronix is pleased to recognize the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and the City of Edmonton as the winners of the 2017 POSSE Customer Innovation Awards. The awards were presented September 21st at the Computronix Connect Conference (C3) in Edmonton, Alberta.

AGCO was the recipient of Innovative Use of POSSE, which goes to the client who best uses the core POSSE workflow platform in a new and creative way. The agency won for their Risk-based Auto Issuance of Special Occasion Permits. This new online solution for Special Occasion Permits in the province of Ontario uses a proprietary algorithm to assess whether a permit was low-risk enough to be automatically issued, or required manual adjudication.

The City of Edmonton was the recipient of Best Use of Technology, given to the client that best enhances their use of POSSE with complementary technology. Their Urban Form Self Service site with responsive design, offers citizens a modern online portal for residential construction permits, as well as providing the city with reusable design templates.

“Each year, our clients continue to innovate and build creative new solutions with POSSE. The annual Customer Innovation Awards are one way we recognize and encourage their achievements,” said Jim den Otter, Computronix Chief Technology Officer.

AGCO and City of Edmonton representatives were onsite at C3, an annual user conference for Computronix clients, to receive their awards. From September 20-22, 2017, attendees from across the United States and Canada gathered to learn more about the POSSE solution, share insights with other users, and see demonstrations of upcoming POSSE product features and releases.

With offices in Edmonton and metro Denver, Computronix is regarded as one of the leading North American vendors in government regulatory software innovation. Since 1979, Computronix has provided robust government workflow solutions for state, provincial, and local governments across North America. To date, POSSE government customers have won over 18 national and international awards for business transformation and improved customer and public service.

At Computronix, we want to be an active part of our community, which includes supporting organizations and causes that are making a difference in our neighborhoods and that are important to our employees. This can include financial support, volunteering, and even holding fundraising events at our offices.

One organization that has made a very personal difference for a Computronix employee is Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Shauna Allen, one of our Project Administrators, had an aunt who was hit and killed by a drunk driver several years ago. MADD supported Shauna and her family throughout the experience, going with the family to court dates and providing emotional care and support as well. Because of this, Shauna began to volunteer for MADD events and soon decided that it was something that Computronix could and should be involved with as well.

As she explains “Computronix should be involved because it is such a family organization and drunk driving leaves massive holes in families. MADD educates people, raises awareness, and tries to prevent families from experiencing this kind of loss ever again.”

The fundraising is focused around one of MADD’s major annual events, a walk called Strides for Change that is happening on August 27 this year. Shauna and several other Computronix staff members walked on the 27th, but she realized that even though not everyone could make it to the event, she could still have activities to “get everyone here involved in some way or another.”

To get that involvement, they held a hot dog lunch fundraiser and invited MADD representatives to come educate and share their stories with employees.  They also held a popcorn fundraiser the week before the run.

This year, a team of 11 Computronix employees (and two of their dogs) came out to Strides for Change, and walked or ran 5km each. As well, Computronix was able to raise nearly $4000 for MADD!

Terence Quinn, the Community Development Director for Douglas County, shares his experience as a Computronix client, and what he thinks makes the service so exceptional.

Ken Schmidt, a longtime Computronix customer from Honolulu, shares how Computronix has helped his organization.

When Herman Leusink founded Computronix in 1979, his goal was to solve challenging problems in a client-focused, client-driven way that created people-centred environments. Today, these goals still form Computronix’s operating philosophy even though we’re now a company employing over 150 people and serving dozens of clients across North America. We stick to these original objectives by consistently prioritizing people across all relationships.

What do you mean by “people-centred”?

At Computronix we have a 100% project success rate and a market-leading reputation for our high-quality, client-focused service. We couldn’t achieve this success without our people, who we hand-select. Our low turnover stems from employees who share our values as well as employee satisfaction, an unparalleled work environment, and the respect and support we give our team, which ultimately results in superior service for our clients. Because we know that our employees are integral to our success as a company, we value their contributions and create opportunities for them to excel, to innovate, and to grow. Through collaboration, cooperation, innovation, and problem-solving, our people-first workplace creates a people-first customer experience.

What is the Computronix Experience?

Working with Computronix isn’t just about the software (though our POSSE software is an award-winning, highly configurable system that simplifies complex workflows and improves government processes), it’s about the relationship. We start every new project with a conversation that digs deep and gets to the heart of your organization’s business process needs overall. We partner with you and earn your trust as we begin the work of preparing for a software change. And we don’t stop there, we also discuss and explore your goals and objectives for workflow, user and team support, and growth and expansion. We collaborate with you to define how our software will meet your business’ requirements – we deliver a software solution that works.

Many organizations know they need a software change, but they underestimate how massive an undertaking government software projects are. These projects involve a multitude of decisions to make, factors to consider, details to plan, and mindsets to change. Our approach to software projects aligns with our business philosophy: we go above and beyond the software and engage with and prepare your people to implement and rollout a software change comprehensively, collaboratively, and cooperatively. That means that we assist you, from the start, in preparing your organization for the changes to come, in planning and creating a project timeline with milestones, and setting the overall scope of the project.

Once our plan is concrete and we’ve unearthed your business’ distinct needs, we begin development. Our team of developers takes the information we’ve cultivated and configures our POSSE software uniquely for your business. When the software is ready for implementation, we move it through several rounds of internal testing to address any issues or complications, ensuring that your final product is of the highest quality. After internal approval, we move the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase where your team tries it out and makes sure it works as planned. During this phase, your team will make notes of any issues or changes required and we will tweak the system accordingly. Your POSSE system does not go live until you are satisfied.

But going live with your POSSE systems doesn’t have to mark the end of our work at Computronix. We also offer a support phase where we can provide you with enhancements and bug fixes in addition to adding any new features your team needs to continue improving the way you do business. At Computronix, we are here to help. Our relationship with your organization matters to us: we don’t just build software, we build effective and successful teams to implement, and use, our POSSE software. Because for us, it’s all about the people.

Julie Crask, an Applications and Database Manager for Hamilton County, Indiana, shares why Computronix is the best vendor she’s worked with, and POSSE is the most effective software she’s used.

EDMONTON, AB – Computronix is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2017 POSSE Customer Innovation Awards. These awards celebrate clients who have extended their use of the Computronix POSSE platform in creative and innovative ways. The awards recognize achievement in two categories:

Innovative Use of POSSE” is awarded to the client who uses the core POSSE workflow platform in a new and creative way. Finalists for the “Innovative Use of POSSE” award are:

City of Vancouver – Permitting and Licensing Transformation Project

AGCO – Risk-based Auto Issue of Special Occasion Permits

Clark County – Phase 2.1 Project; Expedited Permit Issuance

Best Use of Technology” is awarded to the client that enhances their use of POSSE with complementary technology. Finalists for the “Best Use of Technology” award are:

BC Hunting – Mobile Enforcement Application for Conservation Officers

City of Edmonton – Urban Form Self Service

Gov’t of Alberta – OPAC GIS Implementation

“Each year, our clients continue to find unique and creative ways to use POSSE,” said Gord Meeberg, Vice President of Business Development at Computronix. “We think it’s important to recognize their innovation and ingenuity, and to showcase how incredibly adaptable and configurable POSSE is as it meets the ever-changing needs of local, state, and provincial agencies.”

The winners of the awards will be announced at the Client Awards Evening at the 2017 Computronix Connect Conference (C3), being held from September 20-22 in Edmonton, Alberta. Attendees from across the United States and Canada will come together to learn more about the POSSE solution, share insights with other users, and see demonstrations of upcoming POSSE product features and releases.

With offices in Edmonton and metro Denver, Computronix is regarded as one of the leading North American vendors in government regulatory software innovation. Since 1979, Computronix has provided robust government workflow solutions for more than 40 state, provincial, and local governments. To date, POSSE government customers have won over 18 national and international awards for business transformation and improved customer and public service.

Our Alcoholic Beverage Control solution streamlines business processes to allow your organization to proactively manage the business and data relevant to Liquor Licensing and Licensee Compliance and Enforcement.


Computronix has had a 100% project success rate for dozens of clients over 35 years. We strive to be a business where people matter, and are the first priority. We want to create situations that are a win-win, for both our clients and ourselves.

As we discussed in How To Assess Your Agency’s Readiness for a Pre-configured COTS Solution, improving your organization’s chances for success with a software change requires preparation. Yes, the software company you hire for the project must be qualified and prepared to partner with you, your project team’s mindset, experience, and training is key to ensuring success. Once you’ve determined that your organization is ready to take on such a complex undertaking, you’ll want to assemble and build your project team’s skills.

Necessary Skill Sets for Software Projects

In addition to building a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who know your software needs and the inner workings of your organization’s current software’s successes and failings, you’ll also want to include team members who will train staff on the new system; IT specialists for data conversions, system interfaces, and web content management; and a team of executives to oversee the Project Steering Committee. However, your core team for a software project should have the following skills sets:

  1. Project Management

Your team needs a full-time, experienced project manager to lead the software implementation project. Ideally, this person has a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation which provides solid methodology for planning, executing, and closing projects; managing teams, facilitating productivity, problem solving, and motiving team members; managing expectations and stakeholders; tracking milestones and delays; and communicating progress. An effective project manager has excellent interpersonal communication skills, a clear and achievable vision, strong ethics and accountability, positivity and enthusiasm, a clear head under pressure, leadership competence, and a knack for diving into any area that needs assistance while also delegating and supporting personnel.

  1. IT Technical Leadership

While your project manager leads the team and guides the process, your IT technical leader becomes the System Manager/System Architect for your COTS system once it’s fully implemented and live. As your new software rollout’s champion, this team member absolutely must have an IT background with formal training to ensure that the software infrastructure is appropriately customized and workable for your organization. Understanding the COTS and spreading enthusiasm about the new technology’s potential for increasing usability and productivity is part of this person’s role.

  1. Change Management

Key to ensuring that your organization effectively manages a massive change like a new software implementation is your Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) – this is a formal vocation for professionals committed to leading the way change works. Those with this credential adhere to a standard for change management that provides a definition of practices, processes, tasks and activities for organizational change management. CCMPs are trained in managing change and can streamline the process and support and coach the organization through the change.

  1. Business Analysis

Playing a crucial role in gathering information and requirement before the RFP stage by investigating goals and issues, analyzing information, communicating with members of your organization, documenting findings, and evaluating solutions. Your business analysts translate that information into functional and technical RFP requirements – they are an essential part of proper planning and preparation as well as targeting your organization’s specific needs and goals. Once your project begins, your business analysts will participate in requirements validation and traceability throughout the project.

  1. Quality Assurance

Your quality assurance team members will lead the development of Acceptance Test Plans and test Business Scenarios, Test Scripts, and User Acceptance Test execution to ensure the software is working properly and effectively throughout and after rollout. These team members will implement and lead quality assurance activities, write quality assurance plans, conduct audits, and design metrics for your project and they should have familiarity with software development and implementation.

Assembling a team of professionals with the right skills to effectively and efficiently implement your organization’s new software is crucial to the project’s success. By ensuring that your team members share the top 5 skills, you’re setting your project up for success.

Contact us today to discuss readying your organization for a software change. We’re here to help.