Interview With Brad Veenstra, Tech Lead

For our Computronix employee interviews, we sit down with people from all levels of our company and ask them about their jobs, and what it’s like working for Computronix.

When Brad Veenstra graduated from post-secondary school a decade ago and began looking for a job, one of the potential workplaces that really stood out to him was a small software company named Computronix. From his initial meeting with the previous CEO, Herman Leusink, Brad says that he could tell that it was “a very down-to-earth, authentic place. It felt like a really natural fit.” That first impression has proven true, and he describes his co-workers as “genuine, sincere people who want to be part of a team.”

He was a software developer during his first few years at Computronix and began to slowly take on more and more responsibility. After five years, he became a Tech Lead, which is the role he still holds today. As a Tech Lead, he is responsible for working with clients to design the system that best suits their needs. For him, it is “very rewarding work,” particularly because he is able to go on-site and see how clients are using the products and how much easier their jobs have become since implementing our business solutions.

At first, those on-site visits weren’t always enjoyable. Brad admits that he’s not an extroverted person, and it took some time and practice for him to become fully comfortable presenting to clients. However, he quickly points out that the company leadership supported and encouraged him throughout the process, saying that “at first, they made sure I had strong leaders along with me, so that I could learn from their example.”

That leadership is one of the things that Brad most appreciates about Computronix. He has a lot of respect for the executive team and the other leaders here.  In closing, he affirmed that “you could have the best job in the world, but if you don’t work with people you respect, it’s not going to be a very rewarding job. And there are a lot of respectable people here.”

For our Computronix employee interviews, we sit down with people from all levels of our company and ask them about their jobs, and what it’s like working for Computronix.

The vast majority of professionals in the tech industry are male, particularly among programmers and developers. This fact can cause problems with women’s work being undervalued or not taken seriously. A recent study found that although women’s code was actually rated slightly higher than men’s, the women were more likely to have their code rejected.

Theresa Ayers was the only female in her engineering program at college, and she experienced some of that prejudice from some other students and even a few professors. She admits that, “I was a little nervous when I started job searching, to be honest.” However, at Computronix she found that “the people here are very open-minded, they really took me in. I always feel supported and like an equal with my male coworkers.”

From the beginning, Theresa got the impression that it was a “genuine company that cared about the clients, the work and the employees.” She soon found that she was able to contribute to projects that not only challenged her and made her a better programmer, but also positively impacted clients, allowing them to do their jobs better than before. “It’s great being able to see how my work actually makes a difference for a client’s day-to-day responsibilities,” she says enthusiastically.

Like many others at Computronix, she emphasizes how employees will frequently come together as a team to complete a major project or to meet a crucial deadline, working together to come up with creative solutions that will provide clients with the best system possible. She says that to her, Computronix’s culture can be summed up by the word “Value, because everybody here values each other’s opinions, and the company values us as people and as employees.”

DENVER, CO – COMPUTRONIX of Denver, Colorado is pleased to announce that the Arizona Department of Liquor Licensing and Control (DLLC) has selected Computronix to implement the industry-leading POSSE Alcoholic Beverage Control (POSSE ABC) software as the department’s new eLicensing and Imaging System.

Employing law enforcement, licensing, auditing and other essential staff to meet mission critical objectives, the DLLC issues more than 10,000 new and renewal licenses each year. Seeking to replace a legacy system, the DLLC required a proven, web-based, integrated solution to control all licensing-related activities and associated document management within the agency.

POSSE ABC enables state and other liquor authorities to increase productivity by automating, streamlining and configuring their unique liquor licensing and regulatory requirements. POSSE ABC is a web-based integrated software solution that includes an easy-to-use 24/7 public portal for online applications and renewals, a powerful back-office system for internal staff, performance dashboards and metrics for management, and mobile access for both customers and field staff.

“We are excited to work with the DLLC on this very important initiative,” said Gord Meeberg, Computronix Vice President of Business Development. “Computronix is honored to assist the agency in improving customer service and quality through our POSSE ABC technology and industry best practices.”

POSSE ABC customers include the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, the State of Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, the State of New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, the British Columbia Liquor Control and Licensing Branch and the Newfoundland-Labrador Liquor Corporation. Computronix serves the membership of the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA), the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA) and the Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions (CALJ).

With offices in Edmonton and metro Denver, Computronix is regarded as one of the leading North American vendors in government regulatory software innovation. Since 1979, Computronix has provided robust government workflow solutions for more than 40 state, provincial, and local governments. To date, POSSE government customers have won over 18 national and international awards for business transformation and improved customer and public service.